You exercise your body to stay fit –
why wouldn’t you do the same for your mind?


Mind Fitness:

Meredith co-founded Brainstorm Mind Fitness to engage people of all ages by teaching and demonstrating exercises designed to maintain and improve cognitive fitness.  A class setting encourages participants to  progress with the program and to measure their success regularly.  

The rationale behind Brainstorm stems from a growing body of research which explains supports the notion of brain health as attainable and manageable through the adaptation of healthy brain habits and lifestyle choices.

These include:
Physical exercise
Mental exercise
Brain healthy nutrition
Management of stress and depression

Brainstorm Classes for Professional and Community Audiences:
Neurobics: Exercising the Mind
Your Brain on Stress
Pillars of Brain Fitness
Your Creative Brain


The Book:

Brainstorm’s newly-published book, "The Pillars of Brain Fitness,” includes all of the material included in the Brainstorm classes and lectures in greater detail.

Chapters include:
• Thorough explanations of the five basic pillars underlying brain health (physical exercise, nutrition, mental exercise, socialization, and stress management.)
• As extra bonuses for our readers, we've also included a full month of daily brain exercises (no software required!) and references for helpful supplements and nutritional tips to augment brain health.

Maintain your best cognition, at any age,
with this user-friendly guide.



"I learned so much.  Who knew that the brain would be this interesting?"


"Left me with wanting to hear more.  I would definitely like to have another Brainstorm class!"


"Filled with nuggets of valuable information; Meredith and Pete give such hope and at the same time teach us how to take care of our brains."


 "One of the best presentations I've seen."